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Electric Curtain Track System Astra CMJ. 5 years warranty!

motorised curtain track system astra cmj

Motorised curtain track system "Astra" is used for remote control curtains in hotels, country houses, private apartments, offices, as well as at high altitudes, and other hard to reach places. Large capacity (up to 50 kg) allows them to be used for heavy curtains and light curtains. The drive pulley of track are equipped with high-quality bearings, which reduce the noise level.

Description of the motor:

motor Astra CMJ

Automatic installation of the end positions (at the first start of the engine, it automatically detects closed and open position of the curtains).

Built-in radio receiver

The function stops the motor when an obstacle work of curtain track system.

The "light touch" function. The ability to manually turn on curtain track system by pulling the curtain to the necessary direction.

The possibility open and close the curtains without power.

The smooth practically silent operation of the motor. Noise level less than 35 dB.

Easy integration in the "smart home" systems. Built-in RJ-12 "dry contact" connector for connecting to a variety of control systems.

Curtain track assembled:


Technical details:

ModelMax. weightPowerOperating voltageSpeedControl
Astra CMJ50 kg.105 Watt.DC 24V20 cm/sec.radio;
«Smart home»

Electric cornices Astra CMJ with bend

Possible bending options:

Electric cornices Astra CMJ with bend.

Possible non-standard variants of the extension:

Possible non-standard variants of the extension

Сhoice of operating options to control our motor

Radio control

Transmission distance up to 100 meters in an open area and up to 15 meters through 2 walls

Group radio control

Transmission distance up to 100 meters in an open area and up to 15 meters through 2 walls

dry contact
"Dry contacts" swithes and radio control at the same time

You can operate Astra CME motor by radio and by smart home systems at the same time

"Smart home" control

Our motors works with RS485 through RJ 11.


Dimensions of the system:

Dimensions of the system
Dimensions of the system

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